Felt the Babies Kick!

One of the things that you do when you’re pregnant is follow The milestones that the baby experts write into books. When will you start showing? When will you get sick? When will you no longer be able to see your feet? One of the other big milestones is when you can feel the baby(ies) move inside the womb.
Now Sally has been able to feel them move for about a month now. She tells me when they are moving, how often they move, and where they are moving to. Lately they’ve been kicking hard enough that it could be felt just by touching Sally’s belly. It’s taken a few tries but I was finally able to feel kicks yesterday!!! It was so cool. It felt like there were little aliens in ere or something! I could almost feel the little feet pushing through! It was such an awesome experience. I only felt one of them kick so I’m excited to feel the other one.

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