"Gallery" Prints

I’ve always liked “Gallery” style photos.  What I mean by “Gallery” is those photos that are framed in such a way that they are suspended in large amounts of white or black space.  So instead of just being a photo in a frame or a photo in a rectangular mat in a frame, a gallery print is a photo that is surrounded by a lot of space. It doesn’t fit in your traditional mat that is the same size around all sides.  Sometimes it doesn’t even fit in a mat at all.  Gallery prints are the kind that you see in art galleries.  They look fancy.

Every time I see one I say to myself “I could do that”… and then I never do.  That changed today.  I’m proud to have ordered my first two custom gallery prints. It all started by accident actually.  I was laying out photos to put in some frames that we bought recently.  Each frame had cutouts for three 5×7 portrait photos suspended in a white or black mat.  We had two frames to fill and planned on putting one in the nursery and one in our room(which we finished painting over a year ago but still haven’t decorated).  I came up with so many different combinations that I had more pictures than frames.  After deciding on several photos to go in the frames there were still two sets that really called out to me. So I made custom 11×14 gallery prints.

I really like these photos! One is an abstract – flowers, horseshoes, and a fishing pole.  Each photo is in black and white or desaturated color with a smooth black vignette applied.  They are surrounded by white so that they stand out.  The other photo is nature-themed, I call it “Grasses”.  It includes wheat grass, flowers (the same from the first photo), and cat tail grass.  The photos again are black and white with a vignette, but each is tinted -blue, white, and green.  I think they look really cool and I’m really proud of them.  They are being printed on lustre paper, so they should look pretty when they are done.  They should be here in about a week.  I can’t wait!

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