My iPhone 5

The current iPhone 4. The new iPhone will probably look the same.

This was originally supposed to be a post about what new iPhone models I thought Apple would announce on Tuesday.  I thought that they’d announce two models – a low-end model that looks like the iPhone 4 and a high-end model that had a new case design.  Then I read John Gruber’s thoughts in his Teardrop Skepticism post and decided that his predictions made a lot more sense.  He thinks that Apple will continue to sell the iPhone as their low-end (replacing the 3GS) and will sell an upgraded 4s model with an A5 processor and improved camera.  He doesn’t expect a new case design citing the fact that there have been no manufacturing leaks related to one.

Since I’ve adopted Gruber’s thoughts about new models, I’ll use this post to discuss my expectations and wishes instead. Lets say that Apple is going to release an iPhone 4s that has the same case design as the current iPhone 4. Here’s what I’m hoping for:

  • 64 GB Model – Please, Please, PLEEEEEAAAAASE Apple, release a 64 GB iPhone.  I’ve got 28 gigs of music and I can’t fit it all on my 32 GB iPhone without excluding the videos and downgrading the song quality to 128 kbps.  There’s been a 64 GB iPod Touch for two years now, so c’mon, put it in the iPhone! PLEASE! There was a prototype 64 GB iPhone 4 floating around this year, so they’ve at least tried it out.  Hopefully this year is the year.
  • Improved Camera – The camera on the iPhone 4 is fantastic, so I don’t really need an improved camera, but it’s always nice to get even better stuff 🙂
  • A5 Processor – It’s the same processor that runs the iPad 2 and it is pretty much guaranteed to make it into the new iPhone. The A5 should bring with it the graphics processor from the iPad 2, which should make already great games even better.
  • 4G Network – All the networks have it.  Android phones have it. Maybe the iPhone will have it. There aren’t many cities (including mine) that have 4G at the moment but that will continue to increase as time goes on.  From a future proofing perspective it would be nice to have the hardware to access a faster network.  I’m not sure how realistic that is however, because current 4G chipsets suck up a lot of power and Apple is very strict about how much power the iPhone’s components use. That’s why the original iPhone didn’t include 3G – it used too much power.
  • More memory – Apple does a great job of hiding the details of their hardware from its users.  Outside of techies you rarely hear anybody talk about how much memory their iPhone has. But being a techie, I always like more memory. More memory = more fast awesomeness, and that’s always good.
  • An improved screen –  Can the Retina Display get any better? Of course it can.  All displays are made out of layers of different things – the screen, the touch layer, the glass, etc.  With the iPhone 4 Apple integrated the touch circuitry into the screen.  There are still other things they could probably integrate to make the screen even more fantastic. They could also make it more scratch and smudge resistant.
  • An improved antenna – Meh.  Antennagate was overrated.  I’ve used iPhone 4’s at work and never really noticed any issues and I’d probably have a bumper on mine anyway.  But if they want to redesign the antenna to give me better reception, I won’t argue.
  • NFC – There were big rumors about Near Field Communications being included in the next iPhone earlier this year but they died down a few months ago.  NFC is a technology that would allow the iPhone to act as a credit card.  The Google Nexus S includes it and other phones are starting to include it.  The problem is that there aren’t any credit card readers that work with it yet so you can’t really do much. I’m sure that if Apple introduced it they would also have a partnership with a chain of stores or a credit card carrier so that you could actually use it.

So there we are, my wish list.  I’m excited that they are finally making an announcement.  It’s been a long wait since June.  I’m not expecting anything that looks wildly different from their current model, I’m expecting a solid upgrade to an already great phone.  It will also be interesting to see how Tim Cook handles his first product reveal without Steve’s reality distortion field. Tuesday is only four days away. Oh, and regardless of what they release, I’m getting a white one.

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