Taming Twins: Zachary Comes Into His Own

Since they were born Adam has always been first.  He jibber-jabbered first, he played with toys first, he sat up first, he held his bottle first, and he ate cereal and baby food first.  Zach has stayed in the background as the “mellow”, “serious”, “quiet” one. We always joke about him studying everything and learning from his brother’s mistakes so he can do it better, but in the back of our minds we sometimes wonder – is he slow, is something wrong? It’s hard not to compare your baby to other babies but when you have twins it’s impossible. How can you care for two children every day and not wonder if one is more advanced than the other?

Our boys are two different people with two completely different personalities. Adam is certainly more active, both in development and in temper.  He has strong moods and a temper that flares up easily. He’s already been to the doctor’s office a dozen times and we just recently got him to sleep comfortably through the night.  Zach is calmer, with less of a temper, fewer doctor visits, and will sleep any hour of the day. But he is extremely regimented – when he wants to eat he wants to eat, when he wants to sleep he wants to sleep.  He does smile and laugh just like his brother, but he’s more shy.  Up until this recently, that is.

It’s as if Zach decided that he was done studying and wanted to join the world in the past two weeks. He sits up, holds his own bottle, eats cereal and baby food, and this weekend started jibber-jabbering with the best of them.  It is so great to hear him talk, laugh, and smile! This weekend he’s been just as active as his brother and it’s been a joy.  He’s even starting to play with toys more, but still at his own pace.  I’m not worried about his development in relation to his brother – he’s doing new things every day and that’s all I care about. I’m proud of you Zach and I’m looking forward to a car ride full of chatter on the way to daycare tomorrow!

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