Coming Soon to the Mac Museum

  • A Tangerine iBook that I scored off of eBay. I love these things.  It’s like an iMac squished into a laptop. My top pick would have been a Lime one, but they usually go for $200+.  I got this one for $63 including shipping and that was a great deal.
  • A Mac Plus (I think) and a Mac 512k (I think) from Craigslist.  I’m picking them up on Sunday.  They aren’t super specific as to what is what, but the picture looks like a Mac Plus and a 512. They come with old-school (pre-ADB) keyboards and mice as well as floppy drives, a modem, and an image writer. They also include software and manuals. I’m super excited. $50 bucks and I’m going to have a ton of old Mac stuff!

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