My babies. Zach is on my lap exploring his bottle and Adam is curled up beside me with his head on my leg trying to sleep. Wouldn't trade it for anything...

Babies are amazing. They can’t speak, but they can say so much. They “don’t know anything” but they know so much. They are little people. People in training. It’s amazing that you can make a baby smile. It’s amazing that their little face can go from crying to grinning with nothing but a smile flashed in their direction. It’s amazing that they can giggle when you make a noise. It’s amazing that they can reach out for you and feel comforted when you respond. It’s amazing. And it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful that they learn all the time and you can watch them. Watch them learn to wiggle, learn to sit up, learn to crawl. Watch them learn to hold a bottle, learn to chew food, learn to feed themselves. Watch them learn about the world by picking things up, examining them, testing them to see what they do when they are squeezed, dropped, or tossed. Watch them learn that when you bring them into their bedroom and turn the lights down low that its time for bed and sweet dreams. Watch them learn that a hug and a pat on the back means that everything is going to be OK.

Babies are a lot of work. They are needy, messy, whiney, and they can’t tell you what’s wrong. They eat up your free time and keep you up at night. They cost money, they’re self-centered, and they don’t care about what you want. But they are stunning little people in training. It’s amazing, it’s wonderful, and they’re worth it.

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