Taming Twins: 10 Things I Learned this Week

  1. You can get poop on your couch.
  2. Adam likes to agitate Zach by poking him in the face.
  3. Zach does not like being agitated or poked in the face.
  4. Milk makes Adam cranky (er).
  5. Zach has a temper. Do not engage it.
  6. Going outside make the whole family feel better.
  7. Walkers make a good bulldozer.
  8. Zach plays fetch with himself, by himself.
  9. Adam can stand up without assistance. Yay!
  10. Life is about to get crayzay!

One Reply to “Taming Twins: 10 Things I Learned this Week”

  1. Walkers mKe good bulldozers seems to be the real life comment. It will never stop. When they both get walking they will bulldoze each other and you can then learn how to break up fights! Life gets easier around age never so suck it in and enjoy, which it sounds like you are! PS. I have poop on my couch also. Lots more than you. I have 5 kids remember? Love Grammy.


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