The Boys Are a Riot

The boys are a riot and here’s why:

  • Zach loves to be chased – he’ll crawl as fast as he can for a few steps then turn around to make sure you’re still following him. Then he’ll keep going.
  • Adam loves to make monster noises, almost like a zombie.
  • Zach knocks down anything that is stackable – cups, legos, and toys. If it stands up, it is his mission to knock it down.
  • Peek-a-boo: just hide your face behind an object for a second and pop back out to a huge smile.
  • Textures: Zach is in love with the way things feel. He loves blankets and like to crawl into the bathroom and rub his hands all over the rug. Adam likes to smash, yes smash, his face into the blankets on the couch.
  • Speaking of the bathroom and other rooms that are outside our gated community, the boys love them. Any time a gate is open they spend a minute looking at the open gate, then us, then the gate, then us. All of the sudden they charge for the hallway as fast as they can and squeal with delight. They always turn around to look at us as if to say “look where I am!”
A riot. I love my kids.

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