Micro Tantrums

Zachary has recently been exhibiting a behavior I can only refer to as “micro-tantrums”. A micro-tantrum is a sudden, short, and dramatic tantrum that manifests itself when Zachary feels the need. They occur suddenly, usually while crawling, and involve him dropping his arms and laying flat on his stomach, twisting to the side, laying his head on the floor, and letting out a wail – “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”. Sometimes a few more wails follow and we have to pick him up, but other times he just gets back up on his knees and continues on as if nothing ever happened. It’s even possible that he has several micro-tantrums in a row. It’s kind of like a micr0-tantrum season if you will.

We’re used to tantrums of all sorts from Adam – kicking, screaming, crawling, rolling, you name it – but Zach is a different story. He generally has a much more mellow temperament than Adam but can get pretty heated when he gets angry (like someone I know). We started seeing the micro-tantrums a few weeks ago and honestly, sometimes they are pretty funny. He basically collapses and turns into a dramatic mess. We pick him up and he’s fine. I guess he’s exploring his emotions.

Speaking of emotions, Zach definitely has more of them. He’s starting to get really angry when Adam steps on him, takes his toys, touches his face, or generally comes near him. Lately we’ve heard a lot of screeches (followed by a micro-tantrum) only to look over and see Adam with his most innocent “I wasn’t doing anything” face on. It becomes more like a zoo every day.

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