Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Today we celebrated the boys’ first birthday. We decided to throw an “open house” style party where instead of having the party at a specific time we kept it open for most of the afternoon so that people could come as they pleased. We stuck the “Happy Birthday” portion in the middle, which of course brought the most people, kind of defeating the open house idea, but I digress. The party was a huge success. We held it in the garage instead of the house, which turned out to be a very good idea. There was plenty of room and no worries about the dogs or a mess that we’d have to live in. We took our cars out a couple of days ago, hung streamers, decorations, and balloons, setup seating and tables, and setup a ball pit for the kids. It was a hit.

Sally made delicious cake pops, whoopie pies, and mini trifles that really knocked everyone’s socks off. There was a huge turn out and we were really surprised by all of the gifts that the boys’ received. The boys had a ton of fun too. Adam was a bit overwhelmed by the huge number of people but he started playing with the other kids soon enough. When it came time for Happy Birthday, we gave the boys each an oversized chocolate cupcake with candles that spelled their names. After the candles were blown out the boys daintily picked at their cupcakes, far less excited than we expected. After a little help from Mommy they were able grasp some pieces and shove them in like the birthday boys that they are.

Overall a huge success and a ton of fun. I got a bunch of photos with my new 24 – 105 mm L series lens as well as with my new 60 mm macro. Both produced excellent shots! The girls were really well behaved as well and we were glad that we didn’t truck them to Sally’s Mom’s house. After such a busy day we expected the boys to fall asleep early, but they stayed up right until their normal bed time. Hopefully they’ll have a good night’s sleep. Again a huge success and a ton of fun. Thanks everyone for coming!!!

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