First Day in the One Year Old Room

Something big happened today. The boys moved into the one year old room. They left nine months of comfort with the Joeys behind and stepped (or crawled) full force into the Kookaburras (yeah – spell that one). Now that they are a year old it is time to move up in the world. They started this morning in a new room with new teachers, new classmates, and new routines. We were worried at first. There are no more bottles, no more cribs, no more leisure napping. They sleep on mats, play outside, drink from zippy cups, eat soup, sit in strapless seats, wear sunscreen, and go out every day.

Wholly crap, that’s a lot. We’ve known about the changes for a few weeks and have been alternating between preparing and freaking out. What if they don’t drink from a cup? Will they starve? What if they fall out of their seats? What if they eat a rock outside? They can’t eat soup! How are they going to adjust to new people. It’s too much too fast!!! How are we going to handle this?!

Well it turns out that all of our worrying was for nothing. We dropped them off this morning and watched them play with the new toys and explore the new room. They had one friend from their previous class, Maverick, who they could hang out with. I think the familiar face helped. We picked them up today and found out that they both had great days. Zach drank all of his milk from a sippy cup and never used a bottle. They both fell asleep on their mats – they were the first children to do so. They ate all of their food for the day, which included waffles with raspberry sauce and wild rice.

They did fine. They did great. And they were tired when they got home. They proved us wrong. Those little buggers. We’re glad they did. Kids. Always surprising you.

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