Twins on a Plane: Packing Pandemonium

Today was quite a day in the Taylor household. It was supposed to go relatively smoothly; we had done most of our packing earlier this week so we were just going to go to work, chill out until the end of the day, pick up the boys, finish up some minor things this evening, and get a lot of sleep for tomorrow. It didn’t quite work out like that.

At work we were super busy  – Sally trying to cover for someone who was out and me attending hours upon hours of estimation meetings. Daycare called at 2 to tell us that Adam had a fever and had to go home. We were both busy, but Sally was the busiest so I left to get the boys and bring them home while Sally called our Pediatrician to beg for an appointment. We didn’t know why Adam had a fever but we had one idea: an ear infection. That was the last thing that we needed, so we wanted to get him checked out.

I was almost off the highway with the boys when Sally called to tell me that the Pediatrician had an appointment right then. Off to the doctor I went. She checked both of them out and found that Adam had some fluid in his left ear. She prescribed him an antibiotic and I went to the pharmacy to drop it off. I headed back home for a quick minute to let the girls out and throw a bottle at Zach who was crying because he was starving. Then it was back to Portsmouth to pick up Sally (we took one car today and I had to use it to get the boys). Zach cried the whole way. Once Sally was in the car we stopped to feed him and he was back to normal.

We made it home just in time to clean up the house a bit and get the boys settled. My Dad called and we had a brief conversation to finalize the details of our visit. Then the closing agent showed up so that we could close on the refinance loan that we applied for a couple of months ago. We signed the million pages of legalese pretty quickly and the agent was gone in a flash. We fed the boys and started the final phases of packing until the boys were ready for bed. They were asleep by 8:30 and here we are. We still have a few more final things to do but we’re pretty much there. The goal now is to get a good night’s sleep. We’ll need it tomorrow.

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