Taming Twins: O Holy Night

Tonight was a good one. Adam wasn’t feeling his best today and he was pretty much done with the world when we picked him up from daycare. He fell asleep in the car so we let him stay there for a bit after we got home while Zach ate dinner. Eventually we brought him in the house and fed him dinner. That went well. Together the boys ate an entire frozen pizza with meat. Yum.  (I know, we are great parents that feed our children a healthy, well-balanced, diet. There is a simple equation that runs our life: Food = Quiet = Sanity).

So dinner was great, but the second Adam came out of his high chair he went into a complete tailspin of screaming and crying. Nothing made him happy. He wanted to be picked up but also on the floor but also near us. He didn’t want to go upstairs and run around the bedroom. He didn’t want to drink. He wasn’t hungry. He didn’t want to play. He was miserable. So we took him and Zach for a stroller ride. Which worked out well. Unless he was in the sun. Or unless we weren’t going fast enough. Or unless we stopped. Or unless he was in the sun again. That trip only lasted about 10 minutes.

Our next plan was the bath tub. Fantastic, we though – they boys LOVE the bath. And they did. Until Adam pooped in it and we had to tear them out which made Zach go into a tailspin which made Adam go into another tailspin. So Daddy cleaned out the bathtub while Mommy gave Adam some medicine and eye drops.

Then things were fine for a while. Adam sat on my lap quietly in a daze watching Michael Jackson music videos on my iPhone while we frantically tried to Face Time with GiGi which never worked. We finally brought the boys up to bed and read them a story. They were both tired and went down easily. For five minutes.

Until Zach decided that he did NOT want to go to sleep anymore and promptly started screaming. Sally ran up and got him just as I left for my haircut. Apparently BOTH of the boys screamed until about 5 minutes before I got back.

I’ve got some twins. Any takers?

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