Taming Twins: A Great Day

Ok so I take it back, I won’t give away my twins. Some days are tough and others are fantastic. It’s like living on a roller coaster. Today was one of the really exceptional days. The boys woke up at 6:30 and I got up with them and let Sally sleep in for once. We had breakfast, played, and watched music videos on TV. It was pretty calm and a bunch of fun.

Sally joined us at 8 and we played a little longer. They boys spent some time nicely petting the dogs (for once) and chasing each other around. They took at nap from 9:30 to about noon and woke up in good moods.

We had lunch and headed off to Mike and Heather’s new house to visit. The boys had a bunch of fun there running around, picking things up, and being cute. They even met a little monkey friend who came along with them for the house tour.

After that we took a trip to BJs and both boys were very well behaved. We picked up a bunch of stuff and even had samples of ice cream and lemonade. We headed off to Savers where Zach babbled throughout the store and Sally tickled Adam at the check out.

We returned home for a little while so that they boys could get some of their energy out and we had a crazy idea: let’s go out to eat. So we did! We went to UNOs and had macaroni and cheese, fruit, salmon, and a burger. The boys were very well behaved and didn’t make too much of a mess.

The night ended with a quick jaunt outside, PJ time, a Face Time with GiGi, and then bed. It’s been a while since we’ve had a day where both boys were in great moods all day. They played well together, were pretty even tempered, and were downright adorable. We received all kinds of positive comments from people along the way. A pretty great day!

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