Taming Twins: February Update

Tomorrow is the last day of the month and it’s a good time to look back and reflect on what the boys have been up to. February has been a month of sickness and interrupted nights to put it bluntly. WARNING: Poop talk ahead. Adam has been having gastrointestinal issues since late January when he suddenly became constipated for days and passed blood in his stool. We brought him to our pediatrician and she prescribed a dose of Mirialax stool softener each day to help get him going again. Boy did it ever, but it didn’t fix the problem. He still gets constipated every five days or so and even when his stool is soft he screams and tenses up while passing it. The result was having him in bed with us almost every night for two weeks straight. We just recently got him sleeping in his own bed again.

We aren’t sure what caused it since his diet hasn’t changed at all. He doesn’t eat much cheese and usually had a banana a day or so. Needless to say both of those are out. We’ve been trying to feed him more fiber-rich foods such as pumpkin and prunes, but he still needs the Miralax to stay even remotely regular. Our pediatrician had us take him off of milk at home so he only drinks Lactaid at school and Almond Milk at home. It has been tough trying to regulate his Miralax dosage as it has been causing frequent blow-out episodes at school and at home. Whenever we lower the dose, even by a quarter, he ends up not pooping for days.

Since his stool is still causing him issues even when it is soft, we are taking him to C.H.A.D in Manchester on Friday. We were lucky to be able to move the appointment up from mid-March due to a cancellation. During our own research wee’ve found out that he could have an elongated colon which makes pooping difficult because it takes longer to travel through the stomach. In addition, he could be holding it because it hurts or it burns when coming out. We’re not sure because he can’t articulate enough to tell us what’s wrong. Hopefully we will learn something on Friday. Adam’s had a rough month of constipation, blow-outs, and pain. It’s so sad to see the little guy hurting 😦

When Adam isn’t having pooping problems, he’s growing like a two year old should. He and his brother are becoming even more active and are starting to feel the confines of our home. We’re looking forward to warmer weather when we can go outside and get some energy out. In the mean time we’ve been trying to add some variety to our indoor time by playing with the kitchen in their room, playing hide-and-go-seek in our bedroom, exploring the spare room and cellar, playing with play doh in the dining room, and having dance parties in the office.

The dance parties are particularly fun. Adam usually runs to my desk and moves my mouse until my Mac wakes up as he frantically points at it asking for music. We choose one of our favorite Glee, Rihanna, Kelley Clarkson, or Taylor Swift songs, turn on the visualizer (Jelly if you are interested), and jam out. They both like to dance but Zach is quite the clubber. He bends his knees, he spins, and he throws his arms up in the air. He really enjoys mimicking everyone else’s moves and its so cute to watch him imitate. Every now and then he tells us all to sit on the floor so that we can clap our hands only to make us get up again a moment later to dance. Adam is so fond of the visualizer that he likes to have the lights off for that authentic club feel.

Zach has become the authoritarian recently, setting rules such as “No hitting”, “No kicking”, “No pushing”, and “No splashing” in his brother’s presence. He doesn’t quite understand how to practice what he preaches, but at least he’s got the right idea. Both of the boys are starting to say more and are finally using a lot of two-word sentences! We are hearing things like “[FOOD] please”, “Mama’s car”, and “Bye Bye [OBJECT]”. There are other much better phrases, but I can’t think of them right now. The’ve also learned some new salutations like “‘mornin” and “see ya later”.

Well that’s all the time I have for now – Zach is up 🙂 We’ve been teething lately. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Until next time…

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