Summer Day

Today felt like a summer day. Maybe it was because it was finally warm enough to take the boys outside to play, twice. Maybe it was because I finally got to vacuum the entire lower floor of the house with the good vacuum and clean the kitchen. Maybe it was because I slept in late (think 9 AM) and I didn’t wake up with a hangover after the two and a half Long Islands I had last night (thanks Sally for knocking that third one over). I’m not sure, but it probably has something to do with the fact that I feel calm and clean. The house isn’t sparkling and life isn’t completely organized, but it isn’t a mess either. Add to that the ability to actually go outside and enjoy ourselves, even for a bit, and you have a recipe for a good day in my book.

Tonight we push the clocks forward and you know what that means: more light later! The daylight hours have been getting longer over the past few weeks to the point where I’ve noticed that it’s not dark anymore at 5:00 when we pick up the boys. We’ve started thinking about the springtime and the summer, getting the yard in order, playing out side. I’m actually looking forward to mowing the lawn. I’ll be excited when I can turn off the pellet stove, open the windows, and just sit on the couch and feel the breeze blow by. After about a minute of that the boys will jump all over me and we’ll go outside and enjoy the weather. It will be nice and I will be looking forward to it. I’m ready for grill nights, fire pits, and walks around the neighborhood. It all starts with Daylight Savings.

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