Gates & Doors

Zachary has an obsession. It is all-encompassing and causes numerous problems for him, Adam, and as a result, us. He cannot leave a door or gate open. Ever. As soon as he walks through a gate he slams it shut, usually locking Adam out of wherever he just went but sometimes also closing him into the gate in the process. Of course the first thing we hear is a wail from Adam because he’s either been eaten by a gate or can’t get into the room, followed by a sad “Zaky closed the gate on me. I want to go in theya.” Zach is usually giggling hysterically on the other side. We open the gate to let Adam through and as soon as he makes it, SLAM, the gate is closed again. If you were to sit in our living room and watch the boys you would see they run through the house and hear the SLAM, SLAM, SLAM and whine, whine, whine as Zach closed them and Adam got angry about it. It’s crazy.

Unfortunately it’s not just gates, it’s doors too. Zach is also obsessed with closing doors which usually involves the doors to the bathroom, mudroom, and office, all of which are located in our first-floor hallway. He likes to either run into one of the rooms to hide and slam the door or to slam the door on you and close you (or Adam) in. Again, he finds it extremely amusing and giggles the entire time. Adam usually doesn’t find it so hilarious.

We can’t do too much about the doors but we can do something about the gates. Zach’s obsession might accelerate our gate-removal plans a bit.

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