The Cord

Adam is very detail oriented (no idea where that comes from) and notices quickly when certain things are different or out-of-place. I was up in our bedroom putting away laundry when suddenly I heard “Daddy, there’s a cord ova thaya!” I turned around and asked him where it came from and he excitedly replied “It came up here!” as if it had crawled up the stairs all by itself. It was the audio cable that we use to connect our iPhone/Pad/Pods to our elliptical speaker while we exercise and it definitely belonged in the bedroom. I asked him if he was sure about that and he said “Mummy brought it up heya. It need to go downstayas. It might huuut me. I bring it downstayas.” With that he ran down the hall and climbed down the stairs.

From the bedroom I heard him tell Sally all about it. “Mummy, this cord was upstayas”, he said. “Does Daddy know you have that?”, Sally asked. “Daddy told me to bring it back downstayas. It don’t belong up thaya.” “Are you sure we shouldn’t bring it back up there?” “No, Daddy told me to bring it downstayas becus it might huut me!”

So there you have it – an obsession with a cord and a retelling of a story that didn’t really happen that way. Kids.

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