Ice Pack

Adam has become quite the parent to his brother lately. In addition to making sure to repeat the rules to Zachary (“Two minutes, Zachary two minutes; We don’t hit our friends, Zachary”), he has also made an extra effort to look out for his brother’s safety. We were getting ready to leave the house one morning and Zach was in bathroom rolling around on the floor. I could see a head bump coming on but before I could say anything, Adam piped up with “Zachary, be careful. You don’t want to hurt your head.” A second later Zach did bump his head and again, before I could even react Adam was running to the kitchen.

He tugged on the freezer drawer with all of his might until it popped open, grabbed an ice pack, and ran back to the bathroom where I was holding Zach. He looked at Zach and said “Here Zachary, take this ice pack and put it on your head to feel better.” It was completely and utterly adorable and extremely helpful.

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