We decided to take the boys bowling today. Sally participated in a bowling tournament with some co-workers last week and the boys were super excited to watch her. They have been talking about it all week so it was finally time.

The bowling alley was quite busy with a birthday party and probably some February vacation activity so we had to wait about 20 minutes to get a candle pin lane. We hung out in the arcade and use their spiffy new arcade cards (think prepaid debit) to play a few games. The boys are still a bit young for most of them but they enjoyed sitting on the motorcycles and attempting to roll balls up the ramp in skew ball.

Once our lane was available I don’t think we were ready for what was going to happen. The boys were extremely excited to put on their shoes and bowl but they didn’t really know how. We didn’t bowl first to show them and instead tried to teach them from the start. There were lots of balls stuck in the middle of our lane or in the gutter… even with bumpers. They got the hang of it after a while but got so excited that they didn’t take turns. We had two or three balls rolling down the lane at once.

When they weren’t taking turns they were wandering around into other lanes or getting their fingers pinched when balls came back. There was a lot more chasing than we had expected. By the seventh string they were both becoming restless and we started bowling to move the game along. By that point we weren’t paying any attention to who’s turn it was anyway.

Overall I think the boys had fun. Adam had a pretty good throw on him and could get the ball to go down the lane. Zach not so much. His was more of a push than a roll and the balls usually got stuck unless he used the ramp, which he didn’t want to share with anyone. It was still a fun experience though. Maybe next time we’ll bring a friend 🙂

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