San Francisco

In less than 12 hours I will be on a plane on my way to San Francisco for the week. I’ll be attending the O’Reilly Fluent conference Tuesday through Thursday for work. It’s a tech conference focused on JavaScript and rich client web development, which is what I do every day. It’s my first conference and I’m pretty excited! I have to get up bright and early at 2 AM to catch the bus to Logan for my 7:29 flight on Jet Blue. After about 7.5 hours I’ll land in CA at around 11 their time. There are about 10 of us attending but we are all arriving at different times of the day. There are a few people arriving with me so at least I’ll have someone to hang with. Our director suggested that we immediately head to the Golden Gate Bridge and have lunch in Sausalito since we probably won’t have another chance while we are there. So I might be gallivanting around with jet lag. We’ll see.

I’ve got all my bags packed and will be heading off to bed soon. I’ve made sure to spend some extra time with the boys and Sally this weekend since I won’t be around. GiGi will be staying all week to help out while I’m gone. She did that when I went to Ireland and it was very successful. Hopefully the boys are good this time around as well. I’ll probably be posting lots of stuff to Facebook in between my nerdgasms, so stay tuned!

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