Jurassic World

We let the boys watch Jurassic World a few weekends ago. I randomly got into a Jurassic Park phase and purchased all 4 of the movies as a Blu-ray collection. After some discussion we decided that we’d give it a try even though it was PG-13. They’ve seen a few PG-13 movies before, most of which were Star Wars titles, but we try to limit them as much as we can. I avoided the mistake I made with Revenge of the Sith by ensuring that they watched the movie during the day, not before bedtime, so as to avoid potential nightmares.

While there is some violence in the movie (dinosaurs eating people) none of it is graphic. Blood does not squirt all over the place and body parts are not strewn about. They weren’t afraid of anything and really enjoyed it, so much that they watched it again the next day.

As an added bonus it kicked off a family interest in dinosaurs. I bought a few of books on Amazon that we’ve been reading and the boys have been really enjoying them. One is an encyclopedia of dinosaurs and other animals that lived with them, one is a colorful overview by National Geographic, and the others are Jurassic World coloring books. We’ve been reading the two books at night before bedtime and coloring in the coloring books during the day. The encyclopedia is really neat because it has a bunch of info about how fossils are found, how dinosaurs might have lived, and how they evolved.

Adam loves to draw and tends to focus a lot of his attention on what interests him at the time. This year it has been anything from fairies to dragons to unicorns to Britney Spears. Since we watched the movie he’s been really interested in dinosaurs and has learned to draw them really well. I’ve included some of his drawings here.


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