Junior Pictures

We visited the NH Farm Museum in Milton last week and it is a really cool place. It’s a big old farm (surprise) with a farmhouse museum, a bar full of ancient farm equipment, and  grassy farmland that you can tour. Real chickens roam around while you explore. It’s pretty cool.

The sun was bright but there were a lot of trees to filter it and lots of really cool scenery to take in. The boys were playing on a rock wall when I had a chance to grab these shots. These were relatively unplanned “Hey, can I get a picture of you” sort of shots – no more than a few takes, a couple minutes total. I’m really pleased with them though because the bright highlights made for an amazing background and the boys posed themselves quite well.

These were taken with my Nikon 24 – 120mm at f/4; not a portrait lens by any means but an example of what goes into taking a photo – camera, lens, lighting conditions, technique, and lots of luck 🙂

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