Excited for iPhone X

The iPhone X goes on sale tomorrow and I’m really excited for it. Mine won’t ship until November 17 at the earliest but I’m OK with it; I’m still excited reading the reviews as they come out. I was concerned that FaceID might interrupt the flow I’m used to, but it seems to function very well based on what I’ve read. Certain things require adjustment and that’s OK as long as I can get it working smoothly.

The screen seems really amazing, not only because it is larger but also because it is more dense than either the standard or plus-sized iPhones. That means that it is even harder to detect individual pixels, making it more realistic and high-quality. Combined with TrueTone and the amazingly high contrast of an OLED display with HDR brightness and it seems like the iPhone X is getting very close to looking like print on paper. I also get wide color gamut which debuted on the iPhone 7.

Though the camera system is a minor improvement over last year’s I’ll get the dual-lens setup which should be really, really great. I also get portrait mode on both the front and back as well as portrait lighting. It’s not perfect but it’s neat and I’m excited to try it. Slow sync flash might be good enough that I actually use the flash, we’ll see. I’m really excited about optical image stabilization since I’ve never had it on my phone. On the X it’s on both lenses instead of just one on the 8 Plus.

It is slightly taller, wider, and deeper but it should be barely noticeable; we’re talking 5, 3, and 1 millimeter respectively. That is nothing for a screen that is nearly the size of the Plus (larger in some respects). I actually like the “ears” at the top of the screen and the sensor array doesn’t bother me. I love the rounded corners because they are so unique. It appears that Apple needs to do a bit of work leveraging that extra space in some cases, but I feel like they’ll address it in future software updates.

So even though I won’t have mine tomorrow I’m excited that I’ll have it soon. That also gives Apple a few extra weeks to work out any software bugs they might still have 🙂

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