Kidney Stonehenge Part II

KidneyBeans-Background.jpgI had my ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy procedure yesterday and I survived. I haven’t  had surgery in about 15 years so it was a little bit weird, but the staff treated me well and I was done before I knew it. I remember rolling down the hall towards the operating room and then waking up in recovery. They broke the stone up and got all of the pieces out except for one tiny one. Everything went fine.

Now I have to deal with the stent which is a tube shoved up my … to keep my ureter from collapsing and causing more kidney problems. That has been quite an experience. Everything was irritated anyway and now there is a tube up there causing more irritation. There has been blood in places that I don’t want it to be (it’s normal after this procedure), things burn, and one of the medications makes my pee so yellow it almost glows. There is also no feeling like feeling that you are peeing all the time even though you aren’t.

Luckily I have plenty of different medications to fight off infection, prevent bladder spasms, relieve the burning, and just numb the whole situation. I’ll have an appointment next week to get the stent removed which I am conflicted about. I want it out but they won’t put me under to do it. They just “numb the area”. Sounds like a metric ton of fun.

Either way, stones are gone or almost gone now. Looking forward to putting this behind me!

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