Mac Museum is Back (for Now)

My interests ebb and flow over time and there is no better example than the Mac Museum. When I started it back in 2011 I was very passionate, collecting as many items as I could find, writing articles, and constantly reorganizing my collection. That interest continued into 2012 and 2013 where I made my highest level of investment. Things cooled down later due to many factors including a busy family and work life as well as increased difficulty finding items at the right price. Eventually you get all of the low hanging fruit and things get expensive.

For the last several years the museum has remained mostly dormant. I haven’t been playing in it, I haven’t been writing much about it, and I haven’t been purchasing much for it. I’ve been OK with that because I know it will always be down there waiting for my interest to peak. Well my interest has peaked once again and I’ve made the largest investment in it than I have in the last four years.

I became interested again when I moved much of it to the other side of the basement to allow the furnace and oil tank to be replaced. As I moved things around I rediscovered what was so fun about it. I opened boxes and read through manuals. I plugged in machines and booted them up. I went out to eBay looking to fill gaps in my collection. While the museum itself will still be a bit disorganized until our sewer pipe is done, I will be spending more time on it for a bit. Expect to see more articles and anecdotes in the near future.

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