Corona Journal: Days 54 – 63

A daily journal, published weekly. Impressive, right!

Friday 5/8

Organized my photo closet to make room for more lenses and camera bodies. Walked downtown Dover with Sally then got takeout at Third Street Grille. Boys with GiGi. Took my 2005 *ist DL out and used it to take photos of my D750 in the Flashery box.

Saturday 5/9

Took more photos with my *ist DL. It was so windy out! Boys watched Spider Man 2 (Tobey Maguire) and started Transformers Dark Of the Moon on TV. Went to Tendercrop for meat and M Day stuff. It was busy. Sally gave me a haircut in the evening.

Sunday 5/10

Happy Mother’s Day! Sally helped clean her mother’s basement while the boys watched Spiderman 3 and I roasted a chicken. Sally returned and received her new photos of the boys and the ladder that she wanted. We did a drive-by at Grammy’s later in the afternoon and then toured my old haunts in Rochester. Visited my Mom’s stone as well.

Tried to finish watching Transformers but stopped due to swears and switched to Goonies instead, which basically starts with kids breaking the penis off of a statuette.

Bought a Nikon D70 (circa 2004) and 3 years of Popular Photography (2005 – 2007) from eBay.

Monday 5/11

Trash day. Work day. Boys had a lot of reading for school. I had some planning time for work, which was nice. Received my 28-300mm lens and Nikon D2Xs body in the mail. Lens is pretty good so far with good range. D2Xs is big and luxurious.

It rained this afternoon but the boys wanted to play in the rain. We took a walk up and down the street while they played. I took photos with my new lens and camera body. We looked at the stars before bed for their astronomy assignment.

Tuesday 5/12

Went out during lunch with my D2 and shot some more photos. Loaded a ton of images into Lightroom and started culling them. Boys have a star gazing assignment so we looked for stars in the dark sky. Found one.

Wednesday 5/13

Is it Friday yet? Boys spent afternoon at GiGis. Sally and I took a walk on the Dover Community Trail off of Watson Road and behind the Liberty Mutual office. Saw a turtle and a turkey up in a tree. More star gazing. Tonight we saw Saturn.

My eBay D70 arrived a day early! Came with a 50mm f/1.8 AF-D lens to go along with my 50mm f/1.4 AF-D and my 50mm f/1.8 AF-S G lens. Woo hoo!

Thursday 5/14

Yikes, I’m not so good at this. Didn’t enter anything this day and don’t remember what happened.

Friday 5/15

Light day of school for boys. Nice weather. Went to Tendercrop to get tulips for a photo project. Nikon D3200 and Popular Photography magazines from 2007 arrived. Ordered takeout from Margaritas.

Saturday 5/16

Watched Captain America: Civil War with the boys in the morning. Weather was beautiful! Sally finished mowing the lawn, I weedwacked, we cleaned up the yard, and she and the boys put up the bounce house all by themselves! I took a 600 photos of mostly birds around the yard with my 150 – 600 mm lens on both my D750 and D3200.

Sunday 5/17

Spent the morning outside doing yard work and taking photos. The boys played in the bounce house. We went for a drive to Hilton park in the afternoon. The boys popped seaweed and we walked under the bridge to the other side. We stopped for ice cream on the way home, before dinner. 


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