SNES Emulation in Mac OS 9

During my Retro Gaming Handheld review I mentioned that Nintendo emulation has been around for a long time and even worked on my Classic Macs. By “Classic” I meant Macs that could run Mac OS Classic, such as my Tangerine iBook from 1999. I wanted to verify my statement so I pulled out the Tangerine, slapped a copy of SNES 9x on it, and got to work!

Lucky for me, I was right! Super Mario World booted right up and ran. It actually ran much better than I expected. Though it was only 30 fps and the keyboard controls were weird, the game was completely playable and the music was fine. The emulator even had screen settings for scaling, full screen, and smoothing. I doubt it can play every SNES title but it was surprisingly good with only 27 MB RAM allocated to it running on a 300 MHz processor.

Find out more in the video below!

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