Nikon Battery Grips are SO EXPENSIVE

One of the major differences I noted when moving from Canon to Nikon in 2016 was that everything was just a liiiiitle bit more expensive. Unless you need a battery grip. Then it was waaaaay more expensive. I ran into this last year when I bought a battery grip for my D750 and I’m running into it again with the D500. Let me explain.

The list price for my D750 battery grip was $336.95 at the time I purchased it. I ended up buying one on eBay for $130. The D500’s battery grip lists for $449, which is even more expensive than the ridiculously-priced battery grip for the D850! Lucky for me it’s “on sale” right now for “only” $366.95. That’s a lot of money for a chunk of plastic that pops onto the bottom of your camera and gives you an extra shutter button, joystick, and command dials.

This beautifully-crafted piece of plastic can be yours for almost $500

I wouldn’t be so flabbergasted if Canon’s prices weren’t so much cheaper for the exact same thing. Take, for instance, the battery grip for the 5D Mark IV – $250; or the grip for the 7D Mark II – $209. We’re talking a $200 difference here for the same capability, extra buttons and all.

It stores an extra battery to double your battery life and includes a few redundant buttons. You can even take the battery tray out and insert an even more expensive and powerful battery inside.

As much as I make fun of what battery grips do, the fact is that I like them. I like the vertical shutter button and the extra length does provide a more secure grip on the camera. I bought one for my 7D and eventually my D750, so I know I want one for the D500. There are cheaper third-party alternatives out there but they all feel like junk. The grips are plasticky, the buttons are mushy, and they don’t quite match the camera. I prefer OEM when I can get it but I’m not paying nearly $500 for a battery grip. I bought my D750 grip on eBay but haven’t had any luck with the D500. I’ve found them used and they are around $150, which is much more reasonable. That’s probably what I’ll purchase.

<end rant>

UPDATE: After some searching across eBay, MPB, B&H, and Adorama, I found a used model on Adorama with all of the original accessories for $160. That was less than they were going on eBay and the same price as one I saw on MPB that was gone within hours. BOOM. Battery grip found and purchased for half the “sale” price of a new one.

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