Lego Titanic – Day 7 & 8: The END!

I finished up my Lego Titanic the day after Christmas. I had a few bags left containing the upper deck of the stern as well as the engines. The build of the stern itself was pretty interesting due to all of the curves involved. I enjoyed building it up to a flat surface onto which the end of the upper decks, the aft well deck, and the docking bridge were built.

The engines are really cool. The set includes the two reciprocating engines that ran the starboard and port propellers and they really work. They are basically giant pistons – they move up and down and connect to the propeller shafts. There is a small knob on the front of each engine that turns the pistons and thus the propellers. The middle propeller was powered by Titanic’s turbine engine, which is also part of the Lego Titanic’s stern and is connected to a shaft, but unfortunately cannot be turned because it doesn’t extend between the two engines. It’s a bit odd and I’ve seen some people modify their set to make it turn.

In total it took me eight days and a little over 18 hours to build the entire thing. I’m sure it’s not the fastest build but I like taking my time and enjoying the construction. Overall I’m very happy with the set. It is positively huge and has all of the major details of the ship while still being a Lego.

To celebrate its completion, I’ve made a full time-lapse of the entire process, set to music.

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