Lego Titanic – Day 5 & 6

I am nearing the end of my journey to build the Lego Titanic. I’m deep into hour 16 and have made it to the last portion of the back section. Yesterday I finished up the first unit, which houses the fourth funnel, the aft Grand Staircase, the reciprocating engine bays, and the beginning of the shafts that will turn the propellers. Today I focused on the second unit which narrows to form the rudder, terminates the superstructure, and forms the poop deck.

Though the first unit was very similar to the two units I just completed, it was slightly more interesting because it started to narrow at the back and included the first part of the shafts to the propellers. After the final section is complete I’ll build the reciprocating engines which will connect to the shafts and actually spin the propellers.

I am about half way through the second unit and I’ve found it really interesting. It narrows significantly and I like the construction techniques involved. The back of the Titanic is one of my favorite parts of its design because I like the way that the curvature of the underside transitions to a completely flat end. It is also where the white superstructure ends, which each deck ending in a different place cascading downward into the aft well deck. A lot of the lower part of this area is dedicated to building the propeller shafts and I think Lego has modeled them well.

I’ve got about 7 bags to go and I’ll be done with my ship!

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