Lego Titanic – Day 4.5

This is a combined post from yesterday and the first part of today. I’ve made it to hour 11 and completed the second section of the ship! Overall this section has been more challenging, not because of the techniques involved, but because it’s kind of… boring.

The two units are rectangular and generally symmetrical. That translates to four side panels, two funnels, and what feels like a million windows and deck plates. The floors on the back side of the second section are less detailed than the front because they form the aft Grand Staircase, the lesser first class cabins, and the second class cabins. Everything is more basic.

There were some neat deck houses on the boat deck to break things up a bit, but the overall similarity and repetition of things caused me to check out a bit. I missed steps, built things out of order, and had to pull parts off and redo them several times. But the whole center section is now done!

Despite the monotony, the center of the ship is pretty important for its design. It includes the transition from the enclosed A-Deck promenade to the open section as indicated by my favorite curved design element. Once attached to the front of the ship it completes the first three funnels and makes it really start to look like the real thing! The most interesting detail about this section are the posts for the open promenade; they are made out of right angle pieces that are usually used for pipes or faucets. I also like the way the funnel pipes are held down a little more firmly by sliding a wheel connector over them.

Next up, the stern!

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