Lego Titanic – Day 3

Building Lego Titanic in my rockin’ Minesweeper Ugly Christmas Sweater…

I wasn’t sure if I’d have time on a weeknight to work on the Titanic right before the holiday but I lucked out and had about an hour and a half. I made it to hour eight and made a dent into the second box of the set, bags 13 – 17. The second box contains the mid-section of the ship with the second and third funnels, the dome over the forward first class staircase, much of the boat deck, and the compass platform.

Like the bow section, the mid-ship is divided into two units. I worked on the first one today and it went a bit faster than the other section due to its rectangular nature. It’s kind of boring, in fact. It has the other side of the interior from the bow section, continuing the pool and the rooms, but there aren’t as many neat details in there. Due to its boxy nature it actually has a lot of empty space within, perhaps an opportunity to add some additional details later on?

Either way, it builds quickly and doesn’t involve very many unique construction techniques. Since it goes so fast I’ve made it from the keel all the way up to the A-Deck cabins in the white superstructure. I should make it up to the second funnel in no time!

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