Lego Titanic – Day 2

I’ve entered hour 6 and I’m done with the first large section that includes the bow, the bridge, and the first funnel. This represents about 40% of the ship and completes the first box of the set!

This section is actually made up of two units that snap together. Yesterday I worked on the first unit which had the triangular bow with the forecastle deck and forward well deck. Today I worked on the second unit which is more square and adds the white superstructure including the promenade decks, the bridge, and the first funnel. This unit includes the first interior detail showing the forward boilers, First Class Staircase, pool, cabins with hallways, and the First Class Reception Room. There is only so much detail that can be done at this level, but it continues to impress. The stairs look like stairs, furniture is visible, and there is fire in the boilers!

The details continue outside to the wheelhouse with windows and docking bridges on the sides. The Boat Deck has stairs down to A Deck as well as lifeboats with davits and the first funnel with rigging. The enclosed and open promenade on A Deck as well as the Forward Promenade on B Deck are present. This unit snaps into the bow and matches the black and red hull. My favorite creative pieces in this area are the use of phones for vent cowls and robot arms for the lifeboat davits.

Construction for this unit is more straightforward since it is more rectangular, but there were a lot of pieces involved in making the interior section on the back. I really liked the clever way the funnel is angled by offset push pins that snap into place once it’s set in. My only gripe so far is about the color of those funnels. They are basically yellow when they really should be more of a salmon color. It doesn’t look as bad on the ship but it was quite jarring when I started to assemble them.

I’m part way there and the ship is starting to take shape. It’s already over a foot long. Now I need somewhere to store it while I work on the rest 🙂

2 Replies to “Lego Titanic – Day 2”

  1. Do you have any pointers on attaching the sides to the front of the ship? I have had to rebuilt the front section a couple of times because once I attach the sides, I am always hearing pieces rattle around inside the hull! Is there a trick?


    1. I didn’t run into too many problems, but the sides are a bit awkward. I’d make sure that the framing of the ship is nice and solid so none of the pieces come off after attaching the side panels. I tried to line them up loosely and then used one firm press to push them on.


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