Lego Titanic – Day 1

I bought Lego’s 9,000 piece 1:200 scale Titanic recently and have started to put it together. So far I’ve spent 2 hours on it and made it through four sets of bags. So far it’s been great – the instructions are easy to follow, the bags are well organized, and it is taking a recognizable shape.

The set is 9090 pieces, and once completed, will be about 4.5 feet long, yes feet. The ship is separated into three pieces that are held together with hidden pins. They are designed to come apart to show some of the inside of the ship. The set comes in a large semi-square box which has three separate boxes inside of it, one for each part of the ship. Box 1 is all about the first 40% of the ship, all the way to the first funnel.

I’m really enjoying building it so far. At this point I have the bow with the forecastle deck and the forward well deck. There are deck planks, railings, cargo hatches, cranes, stairs, winches, anchors, flags, port holes, hull plating, and the forward mast and crow’s nest. There are a lot of cool details like moving cranes and anchors with chains.

This set is considered “micro-scale”, meaning that it isn’t large enough that mini figures can fit on it. If it were large enough for mini figures it would be enormous! Micro-scale is cool because of the way the pieces are used. For instance, the curved part of the anchor is just a black hot dog; the stairs are white triangular grates that are usually used on race car sets.

The techniques on the bow have been pretty unique due to its triangular shape. There are a lot of hinged pieces that connect together to make a wedge, as well as inverted and upside-down pieces to eventually connect the sides to. As is typical with Lego, the structural pieces that you can’t see from outside are done in odd colors like blue, red, and yellow. I think they actually do this to make it easier to build as it would be difficult to find different pieces if they were all gray or black.

So far I am very happy with this set. I will definitely be completing it before my 1:350 Minecraft model 🙂

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